Head to toe! Let Your Whole Body talk! And other Drag Queen Wedding Beauty tips.

Drag Queens are Fabulous.  I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix, and Ru is beyond fabulous – she’s wise, elegant, and one heck of a make-up artist.  So here are some “Drag” tips gleaned that are gold for Brides (and maids, and Moms…and the occasional Groom).

1)   Accentuate the positive.  Find your best feature and flaunt it.  RuPaul accents her height, and her fabulous bone structure.  Find a dress that suits you, and your body type. Ru has award winning stylists, we can find you some too. In SoCal, head straight over to Desert Bride for expert counsel and assistance.

2)   Ignore all things Negative.  Drag queens frequently have overcome a lot to be happy with who they are and to be comfortable expressing themselves.  So once they get to that point, they are FUN and HAPPY.  Stay fun!  Depressed?  Put on Abba – maybe “Gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight)” and lip sync for your sweetie.  You’ll both laugh – and laughter is good.

RuPaul, all crystals and confidence.

3)   Lashes, lashes, lashes.  This one’s fairly self explanatory – drag queens don’t go to Rite Aid without their fake lashes on, girlfriend, so you shouldn’t think about going down the aisle without yours. Once you see how they “pop” your look, you’ll thank me. Or Ru. Or both.

4)   Think creatively!  Do you think  the fashion world comes up with looks like the Sex and the City “bird on her head” wedding look? No – it comes from the fringe (read: drag queens, art school drop-outs,  nouveau bohos and assorted other creative types) and works it’ way into couture.  Trust me – Lady Bunny had a bird on her head long before SJP.

5)    Let your whole body talk. it’s a confidence thing.  When drag queens hit a stage or a runway, they’ve got a power, a confidence, an attitude that brides would do well do take a dollop of to add to their sugar and spice.  Nice is good, but Fabulous is great.

Work that aisle like a supermodel girls! (Turn to the left! Work! Turn to the Right!)

Sashay Chanté…


Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get…an amazing cultural experience

So it wasn’t what the Dixie Cups had in mind when the sang their perennial hit wedding song “Goin’ to the Chapel,” but with American weddings today, there’s a good chance many guests will be experiencing either religious or cultural traditions they’ve never seen before.

What a beautiful and wonderful thing! Weddings ( or something like them) are a universal ceremony around the world. You may not speak a language or know a religious tradition, but the special loving atmosphere at a wedding of any variety is unmistakeable.

A Parsee Wedding
Image via Wikipedia

In a world where there is so much fear of an amorphous “them,” could there be a better way to be introduced to new ideas, traditions and faiths than at such a joyous moment?

Go to the chapel. Go to the synagogue. Go to the mosque, the tent with the fire pit, the altar with a rainbow aisle runner. Go grow, learn and celebrate two people in love, who, above all else, are gonna get married.

My Little Marital Bliss Shop: Keep your fiancé from playing the ponies

Brides, soon to be Wives? A lesson in Groom, about to be Husband-handling. Let him ride the big horse.  And let him think it was his idea to go riding in the first place.

Very funny right?  But deep down – the after school special message on this one is share your life with the one you love! One of you is not above the other.  Unless you’re sleeping in bunkbeds.  But that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah.

Have a good weekend! Those of you in LA – bless your hearts- stay off the road!

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