Going to the chapel and I’m gonna get…an amazing cultural experience

So it wasn’t what the Dixie Cups had in mind when the sang their perennial hit wedding song “Goin’ to the Chapel,” but with American weddings today, there’s a good chance many guests will be experiencing either religious or cultural traditions they’ve never seen before.

What a beautiful and wonderful thing! Weddings ( or something like them) are a universal ceremony around the world. You may not speak a language or know a religious tradition, but the special loving atmosphere at a wedding of any variety is unmistakeable.

A Parsee Wedding
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In a world where there is so much fear of an amorphous “them,” could there be a better way to be introduced to new ideas, traditions and faiths than at such a joyous moment?

Go to the chapel. Go to the synagogue. Go to the mosque, the tent with the fire pit, the altar with a rainbow aisle runner. Go grow, learn and celebrate two people in love, who, above all else, are gonna get married.