Sometimes Love is In The Stars. Or The Star Wars. Same diff, right?

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Having met my husband at a Halloween party, dressed as Star Wars heroine Princess Leia, this cake photo struck near and dear to my heart. As I knew well at the time, Princess Leia revvs up the hearts of many men of a certain age, and my costume interpretation of “Leia goes to the disco on Hoth” was killer. I had him at cinnamon buns. Almost exactly two years later, we threw a party (aka destination wedding) in Palm Springs, (I had another killer up-do) and became husband and wife.

The night we met: Princess Leia goes to the disco on the Ice Planet, and Harry Potter

Just about everybody knows someone who is really into Star Wars.  And when it comes to weddings, many a shout out has been made to the citizens of the galaxy. Some are musical (a recessional from the movie’s score is a good one), pastry, like these folks did, or fashion (Leia did wear a lot of white..).  So don’t fear throwing a little George Lucas inspiration in the mix.  We do advise however, that a soup-to-nuts all out costumed, Star Wars themed wedding would make people uncomfortable, as does any 100% re-enactment wedding.   And in the end, we’re celebrating our friends and family as much as ourselves.  If they are all miserable in their storm trooper armor and ewok hats, they may as well have stayed far, far away.

On wedding day. Different outfits (but still a killer up-do)
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