Whistling While We Work: Life As Part Of The Fairy Tale Industrial Complex

Wedding professionals are in the Fairy Tale business.  Brides come to us with plans in their heads, many of which have been growing like Jack’s beanstalk since they were little girls, and have reached way up into the clouds.  They know what they want things to look like from their centerpieces right down to the ribbon swags hung to block off the aisle.  These days, what with television wedding shows and coverage of over the top celebrity weddings, everyone feels pressure to have a “Fairy Tale” wedding regardless of budget.

The Ultimate Fairy Tale Wedding Site (yes we will go with you to Disneyland)!

And so we wedding planners and floral/event designers become responsible for not just a wedding, but for a dream come to life.  We become magical elves, fairy godmothers, and the Wizard of Oz all in one. (He may not have been much of a wizard, but he was one heck of an event designer).

This is a big responsibility, and one we take very seriously at My Little Flower Shop.  We listen to a bride (and/or groom) when they explain their vision, work with them, and their budget to create the most magical wedding possible.  We don’t try to shoehorn anyone into something we have in mind, but instead weave together their resources and our talents to make their dreams come true.

So gotta run…time to wave the wand a little.  Note to self: research the existence of a Fairy Godmother’s Union.

Be well, and love well.



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