Royal wedding? Or Royal Pain? Some Brits are not amused.

Royal wedding? Gag me with a silver spoon! Some people have had enough. Apparently there’s a significant number of Britons who’ve discovered that combining the Royal Wedding day (many businesses are closing) with May Day and Easter weekend, they can take an 11 day vacation w/ only 3 days off work. Now that’s what I call doing more with less.  Apparently travel agents are very busy with the exodus.  And, as this picture humorously depicts, some people are just sick of all the fuss. Literally. Nauseous. Ah well, not everyone can be nutty for wedding details. Don’t worry, we’re watching Kate, dear.  (pssssst. Don’t tell her we’re obsessively looking at the flowers, not her so much and btw, the commemorative ashtrays? Blech).

A wedding sickness bag for the seat pocket in front of you