My Little Etiquette Shop: Putting Place Card Putterers…in their Place

Seating Chart
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Avoiding the rogue place card shuffler in a pretty way? Really! Check out this idea from Emmaline Bride – a blog I follow on Networked Blogs – they handles this quite brilliantly with wonderful pics of their offerings.  Had to share. (BTW Networked Blogs is a terrific way to have all your blog fun delivered straight to your Facebook page. Check it out!)

Emmeline Brides is a fun source of pretty DIY inspiration and a sort of Mini-Etsy: curated handmade wedding related items.  Etsy can be super overwhelming so it’s great to have someone pick out the good stuff.  On to Seating Chart Wisdom!

Wedding Seating Chart: Why You Need One

Posted July 25, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ Leave a Comment!

Let’s face it: guests like to have a seat, and not just to have a place to sit down for dinner. Since each guest invited is special to you, he or she should have a seat set aside just for them. Going to a wedding with free-for-all seating makes guests anxious. It reminds me of grade school when teachers have you pick a seat in the cafeteria, so everyone rushes to grab a seat by his or her best friend before the good seats are taken. 😉 Guests will be forced to tackle the same task if you eliminate a valuable wedding day resource: the wedding seating chart.

A wedding seating chart is similar to escort cards but requires less work on your behalf. All you need to do is finalize where each guest will sit based on your floor plan. Then, the seating chart is printed onto one page to be framed or placed onto an easel for easy viewing by guests. This eliminates the task of hand-writing or printing each guest’s name (and his or her guest) onto a card, folding it, and placing onto a table in alphabetical order. Instead, this easy peasy alternative keeps things simple and gives guests an easy-to-spot seating chart to take their seats quickly. We love these custom seating charts by The Seating Chart Boutique, featured artisan in The Marketplace! Just order your seating chart and frame! Here are a few of our favorite designs…

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Thanks bloggers @ Emmaline!

These seating charts are available through Emmaline Bride’s Marketplace. Pick one, take your seat, and get planning!

My Little Etiquette Shop: Shuffling Placecards is a Gamble – and the House always Wins

Oh the poor bride and groom.  They slave away in the last busy weeks before their big day, trying to achieve that elusive goal: the perfect seating arrangement.  PlacecardThe one where feuding cousins are on opposite sides of the dance floor, and Uncle Carl the anesthesiologist plays wing man for the med student who’s chatting up a bridesmaid at the next table over. But when the Mr. & Mrs. enter to cheers and glide onto the dance floor, they look around and realize that their careful plotting has been horribly botched.

We know what’s happened.  For years guests have taken it upon themselves to “improve”  seating plans. If they aren’t sitting with a particular friend or family member they do what they believe is an innocuous thing; switch placecards, or “lose” escort cards.  They don’t think about the fact that their seating has been carefully considered. Event staff may intervene – but more often than not, they (wisely) decline to engage this type of personality so as not to ruin a lovely evening.

How can you help?  Simply put, sit where you’re asked.  Period.  No one stays in their assigned seats much after the entree anyway, it’s not going to kill you to wait until cake to catch up with your sorority sister across the room.

The “House Always Wins” part works like this:  karma wise, you’re sealing your fate of future event tables full of Mommies & Me, Aunts Who Can’t Hear, and Uncles Who Don’t Shut Up.  Plus you can count on word of your behavior getting back to the bride/groom or mothers thereof, enshrining your difficult reputation for the rest of your days.  Every Christmas Party, Baby Shower, Barbeque…you’re forever “the one who messed up the wedding.”  Are you good with that? No? Then reign in your inner maitre d’.  Really feel the need to seat people? Open a restaurant.