Bridal Show Report: Brides Rockin’ the Rocks and Talkin’ the Talk!

The brides were out at the Palm Valley Country Club yesterday, and so were all the vendors, friends old and new.  We got to see all the shiny new rings – mostly on girls who’ve been engaged a few months and are rarin’ to get started on those checklists.  The advice we pass along most frequently is the same whether you’ve had the ring for eleven minutes or eleven months: breathe, stand up straight, and enjoy your moment.  Yesterday the moment was kid-in-the candy-store time – all those resources laid out in one place, gee whiz!  Hard to know where to start.  We sat back and enjoyed the parade of happiness that walked past our booth.  And of course, admired our handiwork.  Thanks to Genoa from The Pastry Swan Bakery for modeling this bridal bouquet for us!