Can they get married? Vote yes or no.

Several states came to the Supreme Court this week asking for one last chance to fight against marriage equality.  The justices sent them home, unheard. The end result is that a lot of states where people had voted against marriage equality will no longer have a say in the matter, and that’s ruffling some feathers. … Read moreCan they get married? Vote yes or no.

Real Weddings: Rod and Jeff part 2- the ceremony

Rod and Jeff’s beautiful ceremony was held at the Palm Springs Art Museum which makes an elegant background for any celebration – but on this day was particularly stunning. Two words: red roses. Coming Next week- their AMAZING reception! All photos by the incomparable Chris Miller of Imagine Imagery Related articles Twilight in Palm Springs … Read moreReal Weddings: Rod and Jeff part 2- the ceremony

Wedding planning and time management

As kids, time moves like molasses.  Between birthdays was an eternity! When weddings are scheduled far in advance, they seem far away (sometimes literally)– but this is grown up stuff folks- the months will slip through your fingers like sand. The trick is to keep the kid in you alive!  Remember how special it was … Read moreWedding planning and time management