Great Minds Think Alike – and appreciate the same GORGEOUS flowers!

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market is a colorful place.  With fruit and vegetable vendors, musicians and, well, Hollywood natives, there’s never a shortage of sights to see.  But this past weekend, one flower stall stopped me in my tracks.

Silverlake Farms' display at the Hollywood Farmer's Market

Silverlake Farms’ ranunculus alone were priceless, but then there were the anemones, and all sorts of other wildflowers so bright and colorful they looked good enough to eat.  Or at least good enough to randomly grab a bunch, tie it up in some ribbon, and send any high-end bride straight down the aisle.

But the best part came when I asked owner/urban farmer Tara Kolla if she sold wholesale.  She asked if I was in the industry, and I explained I worked for a floral design studio in Palm Springs.  “Oh yeah” she replied. “They were here last week.”  Apparently Greg and Al had been at the market during their pre-Oscar delivery,  and had the identical reaction to her deliciously beautiful flowers.  And when I talked to Greg, he told me they would be working out an arrangement to get their hands on some of Tara’s blooms.  “Weren’t those ranunculus amazing?” Greg asked.  Great minds think alike!

White ranunculus. Good enough to eat!


Market Watch: An Urban Farmer’s Passion Blooms Again (

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