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Style Me Pretty is probably the most popular wedding blog there is. Packed full of luscious real wedding photos, staged shoots, and other inspirations, any couple looking for ideas is sure to find them (and get overwhelmed and need talking down – but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah). There are a few gorgeous weddings of ours featured. And we’ve got the badge to prove it!


Liz and Kathleen - a gorgeous wedding, no wonder Style Me Pretty wanted to feature it!

Liz and Kathleen – a gorgeous wedding, no wonder Style Me Pretty wanted to feature it!

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When wedding planning, assume nothing.

Planning your wedding? Or any special event? Good rule of thumb: Assume Nothing.

Really! Nothing. Always specify (in writing if possible) what you’ve planned for, asked for, paid for, hoped for and wished for.

Especially when it comes to hopes and wishes, please please please don’t expect partners, fiancées and vendors to read your minds. Much to my disappointment (what I wouldn’t give to see inside the minds of the Mother In Laws..) people do not acquire psychic powers during the wedding planning process. Here are some examples of assuming gone awry:

Don’t say to an honor attendant going to your wedding rehearsal: “I’ll see you there” and assume you actually will. In her mind (she’s the rowdy one) you’ll see her there…perhaps after the wedding, hung over from a night out clubbing.

Don’t say to your caterer: “I love beef, so just be creative”  and assume you’ll get a lovely beef entreé, just like you imagined. Your caterer really is creative, and has always harbored a wedding planning fantasy: a reproduction of the Venus De Milo made out of steak tartare.

Have a particular image in mind for your wedding? Let your vendors know.

Have a particular image in mind for your wedding? Let your vendors know.

Don’t say to your brother, “Yes! Make a toast! Funny childhood stories and such” and then be surprised when he tells the guests about you stuffing your bra, or pretending to be ringmaster of the circus. At nineteen.

So you catch my drift. Assume nothing! Make it all very clear, and then enjoy the result of your very-well-communicated labors: just the wedding you wanted.

Be well and love well.


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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

We hope you don’t need this post because ideally you’ve called us, and we’ve taken care of beautiful flowers, candy and a gift for your Valentine. (You can still call, do it now. 760-778-7111) BUT …what if you <gasp> waited until it was too late to get flowers? (Yikes! don’t do that! Call us now!)  If all the stores are closed, what’s a lover to do? Have no fear, try these three standbys from your local 24 hour drugstore or grocery. They have many items that look great with the right paper and bows.

1) Chocolate: nothing beats a big Toblerone bar. Tie a big red ribbon around the gold triangular package, and it’s welcome anywhere

By WestportWiki (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By WestportWiki (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2) Wine or spirits: many grocery stores are stocking decent wine selections these days. Go for a producer you know in the $10+ price range. Insider tip- check the sale flyer in the front of the store- all their wine & liquor sales info is there, and you could score a great deal.

3) For the Valentine who doesn’t like chocolate or wine, check out the natural/organic skin care area, specifically hand lotion. Nine times out of ten there will be pretty, high-end looking scented lotion in the $8-10 range. Go for an herbal scent like lavender or lemon verbena over the berry stuff.

Whatever you choose, definitely hit up the gift wrap aisle, or if you’re super smart, buy some gift bags at the dollar store and put then on your car trunk for emergencies.  And of course, if you’re reading this in advance, as we’ve mentioned, your very best bet is to call us now and let us put together a beautiful arrangement and box of chocolates for you.  We can be reached at 760-778-7111.

Good luck romancing tomorrow!

Be well, and love well


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