Trend Alert! Justin & Jessica Celeb Wedding Trends! Oh, How Wedding Journalists Annoy me!

So I’m flipping through the LA Times and I see that they’ve shoe-horned a  little wedding section into the paper this past Sunday.  It’s your usual assortment of articles, the charming quirky dress saleswoman at Saks, the etiquette of putting photos on Instagram, nothing that those of us who actually make our living doing this haven’t written about a hundred times.  But there was one piece that really stuck out. It was the obligatory “What’s new & hot in weddings” article.  It illustrates my whole problem with the idea of “hot wedding ideas”

Titled “Weddings from a Simpler Time,” the piece describes the “boho chic” trend, and discusses such elements as mason jar centerpieces, wildflowers, picnic tables, and popularity of the craft marketplace Etsy.

Love the boho chic mason jar look? So do we! We don’t care if it’s trendy, we want your wedding beautiful and you happy.

Um, LA Times? 2010 called and wants its wedding trend article back.  They write that “one out of every four weddings in 2011″ had this vintage type theme. Are they aware that we are approaching the end of 2012? Don’t they know editors have moved on to Roaring Twenties/ Great Gatsby weddings? Here’s my take- it’s still beautiful, whether or not it’s “popular”

Now if you read this blog, you know how I feel about trends.  Basically, they are all well and good, but I really think brides should have weddings they and their partners love, not that are dictated to them by the editors of magazines. And this article goes to show why! They often have no idea what they are talking about. The people who see the trends as they develop in the field are the designers (hint – us)! We can help you find the pieces of what’s new that fit into a look you already love to keep your wedding fresh and unique.  So this Halloween, read the magazines, just keep in mind they aren’t sent from on high.  As the LA Times demonstrates, sometimes they are the ghosts of wedding trends past! And who believes ghosts should design your wedding? No one.

Live well, and love well.