The Country (Club) Life

What do you think of when you think of country clubs? Is it elegant women clad head-to-toe in Lilly Pulitzer eating chicken salad out of hollowed out tomatoes next to the crystal blue pool while their kids play water polo?  A really sensible place to have a wedding? How’d you know that was where I was going? You’re so smart.

Anyplace that already owns it’s own kitchen equipment, tables and chairs, let alone linens and all that goes on top has already saved you a boatload of money over some beautiful rented location that markets itself as “a blank slate.” Trust me, once you look into the price of hauling an entire chef’s kitchen and outfitted dining room up the mountain to that beautiful open field you’ve rented, you’ll come back down to earth very quickly.

Enter the country club – an institution that makes it’s money maintaining itself and it’s grounds beautifully and providing it’s members an elegant place to entertain.  Could there be a type of building or venue better suited than that? 95% of clubs allow non-members to use the space, usually with the recommendation of a member. Don’t know any members? In this economy, the director of catering will likely be very happy to introduce you to one.  Do keep an eye on the contract: don’t sign anything right there in the office, take it home overnight to review, and have at least one other set of eyes look too.  Make sure everything is as you agreed, because these organizations can be very much “letter of the law” types on wedding day.

Want to know more? We’ll be at a bridal show tomorrow (March 13) at the Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Desert. Come see the space! Come see us! Come live the Country (club) Life!

To be added to the guest list, please call 760.345.2737 or simply stop by 39205 Palm Valley Drive, Palm Desert, on March 13, 2011.

The Press Release:

Free Bridal Show

Free bridal show and open house

Those looking for the perfect location to hold their wedding, commitment ceremony, engagement party, reception or any special event won’t want to miss the upcoming Bridal Show and Open House at Palm Valley Country Club, March 13, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., presented by Country Club Receptions.

This free show allows those shopping for a special event location, a casual afternoon to enjoy the beautiful surroundings at 39205 Palm Valley Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211and experience the multitude of options available when planning their special occasion from the latest in ballroom design, catering, entertainment choices and more.

“We are happy to host those looking for a beautiful place to hold their wedding or other special occasion,” said John Cavaliere, General Manager, Palm Valley Country Club.  “We are pleased to share our facility and expertise to help them create an event to remember.”