Extra! Extra! It’s me, the My Little Flower Shop blogger on TV!

First it was our wedding on TLC, and now my adventures on television continue.  I’m an extra!  Check out this star turn as a Sherlock Holmes super fan on the CBS comedy Two Broke Girls. (that’s me in the green hat and gloves at the table in the opening scene).

Nice green hat, huh? I had to give it back. Bummer.
Nice green hat, huh? I had to give it back. Bummer.

Who knows where my illustrious TV career will take me next? Stay tuned!




Do you keep the TV on for “background noise?” Me too. But there’s a danger. I’ll aimlessly tune in while washing dishes, and next thing you know, I’m knee deep in a “Real Housewives of Cleveland” marathon, and poof! 5 hours have gone by. Don’t get me wrong, we all need to escape into a great story once in a while (check out Wedding Movie Wednesday blog posts for non-housewife suggestions) but be careful that your “background”noise doesn’t pulls you away from being more involved in life, liberty and the pursuit of a fabulous wedding.

Be well, and love well.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey - a train wreck I can't take my eyes off, I'm ashamed to admit.
 Ashamed to admit it, but I can’t take my eyes off this train wreck.

No Good Wedding Shows On TV? (Psst- Your Best Option May Be on The Channel Of Life)

There’s nothing on TV, and yet you find yourself sitting on the sofa flipping through the channels.  Let me throw some metaphysical theory at you. Maybe the universe is telling you “Hey! Go do something else already!”  Whether you’re planning a wedding or not, keep an eye out for hints that you’re not using your time in the best way. Not that the best way is always sorting place cards or organizing bookshelves.  Sometimes a bubble bath is just what the doctor ordered.


Be well, and love well.



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