My Little Advice Shop: Men and Holiday Shopping

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We know. You hate holiday shopping. Women expect the world, so you roll Santa Style and try to find it for her on Christmas Eve. These days, there’s a better way, and it makes you look like a rock star under the tree. The key? Keeping an eye on the magazines and websites your honey likes.

  • All sorts of publications do “gift guides” in the December issue of their magazine/paper. Real Simple is a magazine with terrific taste, and detailed gift ideas for the different people in your life. The newspapers do them too, so keep an eye out.
  • Another option is a website like Red Envelope. They offer a curated selection of gifts to choose from as opposed to wandering the Internet, overwhelmed by choices. Their sale section has some great stuff right now.
  • Shop early, as featured items can sell out. Then relax, and wave at Santa as he goes by, instead of trying to keep up.   Shop nice, y’all!
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Could it Really be that simple? ‘Tis a gift!

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OK, so that’s a bad hymn joke.  But seriously – we love Simple Gifts – and the hymn too. (looking for something for the congregation to sing at your wedding that’s spiritual without having the Lord directly involved? Simple Gifts.  Perfect).

We also love Real Simple magazine and they make life so – well- simple with their gift guides.  We look for wedding gifts, but also handy for “dads & grads.”  Good to help avoid ties and the fly-attracting fruit centerpieces that shall go nameless.  Avoid those at your spring celebrations – for the love of honeydew! Let the fruit keep some dignity.

Shop nice everybody – lots of sales for the holiday start early!  Get a move on!

Summer Gift Guide | Real Simple.