Busy, busy, busy!

The worker bees at MLFS are very busy! Valentine’s Day is mere moments away – we’re here for you!  760-778-7111  Lots to do, but still, as one of Greg’s event designers, I’m signing in to light the fire again under our blog.  Tonight’s Mercedes event is under our belt, and we’re getting geared up for a big wedding this weekend at the beautiful Smoke Tree Ranch.  Quite a venue – perfect for a destination wedding, but we are pretty much of the opinion that all of Palm Springs is the best Destination a couple could ever ask for.  But I can rattle on about that another day.  Our fearless leader got to go to the dealership tonight to oversee the floral installation and check out the event.  Do you think anyone (and by anyone, I mean anyone named Greg) broke out into “Oh Lord Won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?”  Now I’d have bought tickets to that.  OK, enough dawdling in the name of “social media marketing” and back to cleaning roses.  Happy almost Friday folks. Celebrate a little! Fresh flowers are a great start. And don’t forget Valentine’s Day. Very bad form.

Arrangements waiting for their close-up at Mercedes