My Little Flower Shop Celebrates National Hot Cocoa Day!

Today is National Hot Cocoa Day: a throw-it-together party theme if there ever was one.  And soooo perfect for the holidays.


-bright colored tablecloth & contrasting paper plates & cups

-a coordinating wintery floral centerpiece

-a tin of cocoa,

We’re celebrating National Hot Cocoa Day at My Little Flower Shop!

-gallon of milk

-flavored liqueur (optional)

-Chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and one other cookie of your choice

– Friends

– slips of paper & hat (for charades – seriously it’s so fun once you get everyone on board).


– use tablecloth & flowers to spruce up your space

– make the featured Hot Cocoa and serve with cookies in/on plates & cups, add liqueur if desired

– Add friends, play charades, have a ball!

Live well and love well.