Champagne Saberers and Other Ways to Give Your Wedding Venue A Heart Attack

Ever seen a champagne saberer? That’s someone who opens bottle of champagne dramatically – with a sword.  I thought that sounded like the coolest thing ever.  Why not create the bubbly, exploding high point at a wedding? Get six of them for an exciting lead-in to some adventurous bride’s champagne toast.  Greg, always the cool-headed event professional threw a champagne bucket on my head.

“I have one word for you:  LIABILITY.”

There’s a reason you can’t do whatever you want at your wedding.  Someone, be it a professional wedding venue or your lovely aunt who’s loaning you her backyard, is legally responsible for what occurs on their property.  You also, as the person giving the party, can also be held responsible. It’s best to avoid dangerous activities (like ones that say, that cause flying bits of glass in the air near your guests.)

I am not a lawyer.  I cannot say whether you will give your venue’s coordinator a heart attack when you show up with your pet python as a ringbearer.  The key here is to ask – and to stay one step ahead of plans.  Cheers to planning!  Champagne, anyone?

Be well, and love well.


Bottoms Up! A primer on enjoying a cocktail or two at your wedding without making a – um – bottom of yourself.

You’ve come back down the aisle, made your grand entrance and nailed the first dance.  Your beautiful reception is underway, time to relax and enjoy the celebration! Find that cocktail waiter, right?! Wrong.

Stay within your limits and enjoy your guests and your memories!

It’s key to realize that even though the year’s worth of stress has lifted, and you’re finally able to enjoy this big party you’ve so painstakingly planned, that downing three of the signature cocktails in the first half hour is a really bad idea.  Your celebrating is in the spotlight – you are the star attraction and everyone will be looking at you, talking to you (and about you) all night long.  Do you want to be remembered for the rest of your days as the girl who was sloshed at her wedding?  Keep the booze to a level you can control.  You may not have eaten much that day – so anything you drink will go straight to your head.  Last but not least,  put your glass down when your photographs are being taken.  Nothing makes you look like you drank your way through the big night than having a glass of champagne in your hand on every page of the wedding album.  Your banquet captain will be happy to put a bottle of the best stuff in your hotel suite, or your getaway car.  And you know it’s much more fun to drink champagne with your man than with Aunt Edna.  Cheers!