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If you’re seeing this on Facebook, it’s more than your average post. It’s a tease for my blog, so click ‘read full post’ and check out the whole megillah. As a team, the My little Flower Shop bloggers are funny, pretty interesting, and we try to show photos of our work (more professional shots to come as the photogs at our events start sending them to us).  If you’d like to link to our blog, well, we hope you will, and we hope you know how, otherwise we’ll have to do some studying up.

I’m typing while watching all the red carpet arrivals atthe Academy Awards.  It all brings back memories – we never got to experience the red carpet, since while the stars were arriving, we were running around like crazy people trying to get everything set for the Governor’s Ball.  I tweeted last week about how I remembered it seemed like all we did was tell Wolfgang Puck’s cater-waiters over and over “don’t touch the flowers!”  One of our designers worked the Vanity Fair party one year –  she maintains that the most well designed part of the event were the custom bathroom trailers.  And the best food was provided for the event staff only: an In-n-Out burger truck in the street out in back of Morton’s.  Well, Morton’s is now Cecconi’s, and we’re now in beautiful Palm Springs, happy as clams to be watching the show from afar.  All our best to the designers and assistants currently running around the ballroom above the Kodak Theatre.  May the cater-waiters keep their hands to themselves.

Enjoy this exclusive shot of the interior of the custom designed bathroom stall from the 2004 Vanity Fair Oscar Party (and our designer hiding behind the camera) These were designed by the Andy Gump company, better known for the classic county fair port-a-potty. They included seagrass carpet, recessed lighting, TV screens, and wood finishes. Ah, how the other half um…lives.

Good luck nominees and event planners alike! Be excellent to each other. Party on.

The Vanity Fair Bathroom Vanity

Meanwhile, back at the (Smoke Tree) Ranch…

The day was bright and clear and the whole affair was more beautiful than you can imagine.  But I don’t want to overburden you with all that imagining, so hang tight and we’ll get some of the photographer’s shots up on the blog as soon as we can.  While running around getting all our details in place, someone was reminded of the scene in one of the Muppet movies – I think it was “The Muppets Take Manhattan” which begins with the Muppets frantically pulling together the last minute touches for a wedding: Kermit and Miss Piggy’s.  There’s something about being part of the community that creates the magic of weddings that is a very special privilege.  It’s crazy and hectic, but also there are times when everyone’s working together and it’s all humming along and it wouldn’t seem out of place for everyone to break out into song like the Muppets do.  Enjoy the photo of Saturday’s beautiful decor, and this clip of “Somebody’s Getting Married Today.”