She’s coming out of the wedding blog closet: Our Mystery Wedding Expert Unveiled

Ever wonder why you see a lot of this bride and groom on the blog?

Well,  here’s your answer: that’s me, Dinah, and my husband Stephen on our wedding day in Palm Springs.  I have been writing the My Little Flower Shop blog since February, 2011. In this shot, I’m holding my gorgeous bouquet, clearly, the My Little Flower Shop team knocked it out of the park.

My job with the blog is to help all who read it get in the game.  Getting married? This is a great source of inspiration, practical advice and laughs on your road down the aisle. Starting your own wedding business or blog? Why not stay inside the head of a successful small business in a U.S. destination wedding-heaven resort community?  Enjoy slightly corny special event humor? You definitely have found the right place.

Beyond My Little Flower Shop, my experience ranges from writing etiquette advice at Wedding, to helping coordinate celebrity weddings for Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Carmen Electra, Robert Wagner and Dustin Hoffman.  Most importantly, I was a bride – just a year ago.  I know how it feels from both sides, and can share that unique view of the crazy, beautiful world of weddings, flowers and high end special events.

So I’m taking the blog first person.  What do you want to read about?  How can I help you? Write me!  Let’s hit it out of the park.

More soon!