Put your hands in the air! You and your Florist are going to Rock this Wedding!

Are students raising their hands distracting? One English school thinks so. Now they have to give a “thumbs up” if they know an answer in class. Parents think this is pretty goofy and that their kids look like The Fonz all day long.  (Remember Happy Days? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller)?
Whatever the hand signal, the kids are still involved, and demonstrating enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, when it comes to planning any event, especially a wedding, is key from everyone involved, especially the people creating your wedding flowers. No one should be blase about the most important day of your life – especially if you are paying them to perform a service.
Look for a specialty high end flower shop (Like My Little Flower Shop in Palm Springs, of course, but if you are in other parts of the country, call! We can guide you to the best florists). If you’re having a Palm Springs destination wedding, your florist should know the best Coachella Valley wedding vendors so as to refer you. Most important: your florist must be ENTHUSIASTIC about you, your wedding and your beautiful flowers. Make sure they get to know you and listen to your needs, wishes and wildest dreams, and don’t just hand you a list of prices.
To sum up, make any florist, in Palm Springs or elsewhere, raise their hand! You’re the one who gets to give the thumbs up. (And we know you’d give it to My Little Flower Shop …come visit)!
An inspired bouquet. Let us inspire you!