My Little Etiquette Shop: Shower the people you love with…showers?

And now, another visit with our resident Etiquette Expert.  Got a wedding or social entertaining conundrum? Let her take a crack at it! Send your questions to your favorite Palm Springs event experts at

Q:  Due to having a) a mother-in-law with giant bridge club b) well meaning Aunt c) my actual own-age friends all in the mix, I am being forced to have 3 showers. I would really like my best friend and Maid of Honor to come with me to all of them and provide her classic sense of humor, otherwise I might elope to Mexico with a paper plate full of bows on my head. How do I ask so that she doesn’t feel like she has to buy three gifts?

A:  Not to sound glib dear, but have you tried a version of the question you just asked? You sound very sincere about needing your friend’s support, and I imagine when asked, she would immediately understand that you need back-up at events where the guests are not people you know well, if at all. Trust me when I say that she is fully aware that showers, when they are repeated, are, well, repetitive. Obviously she cares for you if she’s signed on as MOH. Have a little faith – just ask.

While we’ve got your attention, I have a slight bone to pick with you, Miss Bride. You talk as if you are being bodily forced into a wing chair and held down while people (gasp) give you gifts and (horrors) make you eat pastel frosted cupcakes. Complaining about showers falls under the designation of Conduct Unbecoming a Bride. You are being shown extraordinary love. Receive gracefully. Our universal bridal advice: breathe, stand up straight, and enjoy your moment.  Rinse, and repeat.

Teacup Cupcake Toppers for Bridal Shower
Teacup Cupcake Toppers for Bridal Shower (Photo credit: Cupcake Luv)
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