You can’t take your eyes off it. A car wreck? Nope, a Cake Wreck.

Cakewrecks was hot hot hot a while back, but I can’t resist calling attention to it again.  The perfect blog based antidote to the basic cable cake worship shows, it’s the place bad cake photos go to be laughed at. Hooted and hollered at, if we are being specific. And when I say bad cakes, I mean reeeeaaaallly bad cakes. Check it out, but make sure you don’t have anything in your mouth that you wouldn’t want coming out your nose.  Brides: click here for a humorous yet cautionary lesson in paying more attention to your actual baker’s skills than your fantasy photo!  And enjoy tasting when you go – it’s one of the most fun moments of the process….mmmm…makes me want cake.  Somebody pre-heat the oven, ok?