My Little Etiquette Shop: Girls in white dresses – hold the blue satin sashes,

Sorry Julie Andrews/Maria, we’ve got a bride on our hands who doesn’t want anyone wearing color at her wedding.  So in the coming Oprah-void, for Favorite Things she’ll have to stick to snowflakes and mittens – although this sounds like a summer wedding, so we’ll work on that one.  On to our latest reader dilemma:  Send yours for us to tackle!  Please email us at, and include the word “etiquette” in the subject line.
My niece’s wedding invitation arrived and it requests that everyone wear white to her celebration.  I thought it was tacky to wear white to a wedding. Also, telling people what to wear seems bossy, and expensive for families. My kids don’t exactly wear a lot of white. Should I talk to  my niece about maybe not doing that part?
– Bleach Mum
There’s two ways to go here, and we’re advocates of family peace and harmony, so we’d actually advise you to stay, well, mum. Speaking up could upset your niece, which I guarantee will upset your sister. Whether or not your niece has put on her bossy pants, your sister is in the midst of planning her daughter’s wedding (trust me – an emotional time for mama bear) so it’s best to roll with the color scheme. As you hinted, your family will likely only use these outfits once – so they don’t have to be high end designer duds. Check out TJ Maxx, Target, or sites like for low priced, good looking options. And then, day of, admire the truly beautiful effect of a large group of people all in white. Should your niece want our opinion, we’d advise against all white flowers. With  monochromatic pastels, however, she’ll knock everyone’s (white) socks off.
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