Down the rabbit hole…what was I searching for to begin with?

A form of dragée: Jordan almonds (a.k.a. confe...
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Ah the paradox of the Internet.  So helpful, but it’s kind of a rabbit hole. Alice went down following something specific, and then all of a sudden she was at a tea party full of  strange people.  So you went on looking for a certain color combination of Jordan almonds. You clicked here and there and suddenly you’re on reading about how the Democratic, Republican and Tea Parties are full of really strange people.


What’s the lesson here?  Make sure you stay focused on your particular search.  And if you’re just in the mood to knock around on the Knot, or read your favorite Floral and Event Design Studio blog, set your kitchen timer for a half hour to spare your eyes and your sanity.  The rabbits like to keep their holes to themselves.