Wedding Video Gone Bad

This video knocked our socks off. You’ll take a look momentarily. First, what’s the lesson? Well there are two big ones. 1.    Choose your vendors carefully.  It takes more than a meeting and deciding you “vibe” with a photographer.  You have to ask questions, find out their work style, and how you feel about it.  … Read moreWedding Video Gone Bad

Getting to the Wedding in Style: Transportation Ideas

Wedding transportation can mean so much more than a limo! Here are some non-limo ways to make your grand entrance or exit – a horse and carriage. – a rented luxury car – for the more whimsical, an ice cream truck. – for the more adventurous, a motorcycle Think about what suits you, (and how … Read moreGetting to the Wedding in Style: Transportation Ideas

Corporate Event Advice Applies To Weddings Too!

Hot event planners/experts spilled their party pet peeves to Biz Bash, we’re sharing some that will help make your wedding amazing, not crazy-making. Amy Sacco, founding partner and creative director, LDV Hospitality Nightlife, listed four points, three of which translated perfectly to weddings. Today, we cover Amy’s irritant number two*. Overcrowding. It’s annoying to move … Read moreCorporate Event Advice Applies To Weddings Too!