My best friends hate me! I just know it! (psst – actually, you don’t know it).

To-be-weds can get worked up, and wedding party drama is a common occurrence. I like to point out that if you listen to your own words, you can often hear wisdom.

An example:

“My friends hate me, I just know it!” Let’s play that back. You “just know it?” Chances are you’re making assumptions. So a friend didn’t show up for lunch, and hasn’t returned your call. You have no idea of their circumstances– a sick parent, a dead car battery. Try not to jump immediately to “my best friends hate me.”

Friends don’t pitch in at weddings for free booze– they’re in it for the joy of helping you find happiness. So if it turns out someone is upset, they don’t hate you, they are just hurt by something you said or did.2013-stice.jpg

Your job as a good friend is to find out what happened and work it out. Approaching these situations with grace and humility while planning your wedding is not only good for smoothing things over in the immediate, but will also cement these important friendships for life.

Be well, and love well.