The language of wedding planning for gay couples: bride and groom?

Congratulations to all who got engaged on New Year’s Eve! All over the country there are happy couples now planning weddings that were a mere twinkle in the eye (or jewelry box) a week ago. For so long it’s been a transition from happy pair to bride and groom.  But with the dawn of marriage equality, (cue the heavenly chorus) people of all orientations are popping the question, and the old language just doesn’t fit. So we in the wedding industry need to be conscious.  So much marketing is aimed at “brides,” it can be exclusionary.  We want to be open and helpful to wedding planning for gay couples, too. So I’ve come up with a new term to use in the blog: “to-be-weds.”  Applicable to any couple or individual, it invokes the excitement of the wedding, and the special status of the celebrant.  I don’t think I can cut out “bride” entirely, but my New Year’s resolution is to try and be as inclusive as possible as we move forward in 2014.

Jerry & David - such a happy couple!
Jerry & David – such a happy couple!

You can help!  Are you a My Little Flower Shop newlywed? Send us your wedding photographs for use on our website and blog!  We love all photographs, but are especially building our collection of same sex weddings. All the photographs, regardless of the content, help inspire wedding planning for gay couples all across the country, and the world.

Happy New Year to all, to-be-weds, newlyweds, and all readers.

Live well, and love well.


Our First Gay Wedding in The Land Of The Free, And The Home of The Brave.

On July 4th we celebrated My Little Flower Shop’s first gay wedding! Embracing this new freedom on Independence Day was incredibly symbolic.

Here’s our take: Gay weddings are weddings. Unqualified, no label required weddings. Bernabe_Young_Photography_by_Jessica_Fajardo_FeatureTB144_lowBecause now, LGBT people in love in the state of California have the same rights as anybody else, and having bravely fought for that freedom have the luxury of being just another couple getting married. And if we haven’t mentioned it, we LOVE weddings, and we adore our couples.  All of them.

So as far as we are concerned at My Little Flower Shop, “Gay Weddings” are weddings, like those of all our other clients getting married. They are…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yeah. Equal. 

Let Freedom Ring.

Be well, and love well.