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You know those movies about wacky families that really love reach other under all the craziness? Well, Julia Louis Dreyfuss may not be cooking your High Holiday brisket, and Jane Lynch may not be sorting the sweet potato casserole recipes that will end up on your Thanksgiving table, but the sweet families on the silver screen aren’t that different from yours.

Here’s how I know.  One of the men who invented the entertainment industry as we know it, Louis B. Mayer, was the son of a scrap metal dealer who became the most powerful man in Hollywood. Mayer would tell people his birthday was the Fourth of July because he was fiercely patriotic. He wanted America to be all marching bands, fireworks and apple pie. So that’s what he put in the movies. He created the images we all associate with our culture and our country.

English: Apple pie.
English: Apple pie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days, filmmakers continue to put their dreams and ideals on screen, but in a more modern way.  We see their crazy families, but with softer edges, a lot of humor and a sympathetic eye. And there’s frequently a happy ending.  With some good dialogue, could that be your Aunt Phyllis instead of Shirley MacLaine? Can you soften the lens this holiday season to see your family more as human beings who love you and less like a clown car full of confused commuters? I bet you can. Remember, Louis B. Mayer created his own reality. Think more apple pie, less fireworks.

Open Sesame! My Little Flower Shop’s Grand Re-Opening Was A Smash!

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And to all who came out to mix, mingle and party down, thank you most of all! The energy was amazing, and we had a fantastic time. We’re going to have to renovate or something – I’ve got to figure out a way to Re Re Grand Open so we can have another great party!

Be well, and love well.


Cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening of Palm Springs florist, My Little Flower Shop

Wedding Playlist Planning: Happy Guests from Groomsmen to Grandma.

Unless you are the crown princess of Moldavia, a 16 piece orchestra playing waltzes etc. just won’t get a wedding reception going these days. Brides puzzle over wedding playlists whether they choose the DIY Ipod option for wedding reception music or decide on an experienced wedding emcee/DJ. (We recommend the latter – more expensive, but worth not having to worry all night about everything crashing to a halt when you’re in full swing). Whoever is behind the mic, turntables,or iPod, they need some direction and a song list is helpful, or at least instructions that the Chicken Dance is 100% nixed!

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when working on your Playlist:

Go with the J. Lo School of Music Management – motto: ‘everybody on the dance floor.’ You’ve got a range of guests, usually 3 generations so think about a corresponding range of music designed to appeal to everyone. Pick a band who can swing, rock, and groove their way across music history, and make sure your DJ knows there’s more to life than Usher remixes. (We’re fond of Craig at A Musical Affair that handles all of the above)!

Serious DJ
A hard core DJ – vinyl! awesome! (Photo credit: ideowl)

Playlists play well with others. There are different phases to your reception, so have multiple playlists. Maybe you want things quiet for dinner, and raucous for dancing, but then middle of the road for after cake cutting. Think about setting the mood you’re after and pick music accordingly.

Back up, back up, back up. Make sure you’ve covered your bases should something go wrong. always have hard CD copies of iPod playlists just in case, and/or a back up of the files on a flash drive. If the DJs equipment goes haywire, you’ve got options. Also make sure you have a paper copy (or two) of the song list you’ve given the band in case they show up without it.

So there you have it, a playlist play book. Go forth! In the wise words of Sly & The Family Stone, “Dance To The Music!”

Live well and love well.



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