Freezing at an Outdoor Winter Wonderland Wedding

We’ve all misjudged or ignored winter weather to wear something sassy to a holiday party, and frozen our cute patooties off.  The less fortunate among us have stood at an outdoor wedding ceremony wishing a bad cold upon the head of Alfred Angelo or whoever designed the bridesmaids’ dress

Chances are, any bride whose maids are freezing is also trying to keep her own teeth from chattering.  And let me just tell you, that does not make for pretty pictures. If you’re dreaming of a strapless gown (and having your girls echo your style), here are three ways to combat the cold.

1)  Wrap it up!  Your bridesmaids will thank you if their gift is not jewelry but a lovely wrap to wear at your outdoor New Year’s Eve ceremony.  In Alaska. Your Maid-of-Honor can carry one for you, and wait for your “I’m cold” signal.

2)  Shrug it…on!  Many strapless gowns look lovely with a little shrug.  Look at your bridal shop or at an elegant boutique –

Photo courtesy of Emery & Company

chances are you’ll be able to find a look just cozy enough if you and the girls need that extra layer

3)  Go Solar-flo! That’s the rental biz name for the mushroomish heaters you see at events. Use them near your ceremony area to keep things toasty, and get them wrapped by the rental company so they aren’t quite so un-decorative.

So there are a few of our favorite things in terms of keeping girls in white dresses (and her sisters in blue satin sashes) warm. Julie Andrews can keep the snowflakes that sit on her nose and eyelashes, K?

Stay warm y’all.