Working For The Weekend…On Something Other than your Wedding

Everybody’s working for the weekend. Really? Everybody? Brides tend to focus on their weddings all week – and definitely on the weekends.  It’s prime time for visiting locations, trying on dresses and tasting cakes. But every so often, over the year or so of planning, it’s important to have a wedding-free weekend.  Why? The rewards are many.  These types of breaks…

Non wedding-related goofing around. Good for the relationshp!
– Keep your feet on the ground – the world does not revolve around your wedding, and not being Princess Focus-Puller for a few days keeps up your bridezilla antibodies.
– Keep your relationship intact.  Remember that guy who gave you the shiny ring? He wants his girlfriend back. Your fiancee self is wrapped up in layers of tulle and fondant. Remind him you are who you are (no Ke$ha karaoke please).
– Keep on keeping on. You’ve got miles to go between now and “I do.” In order to stay sane and focused you have to give yourself a break.
There you have it – 3 ways taking a break from wedding planning does right by you.  Now get out there – you worked for this weekend. Make the most of it.