Why engaged women should get to know Anderson Cooper

If you turn on the nightly news, sometimes it can seem overwhelming. There’s so much going on, and a great deal of it is about pain, conflict and disappointment. So why on earth would you want to stay in the loop at a happy time when you’re planning a wedding? Here are three good reasons.

1) just because you’re planning a ceremony and a party doesn’t mean you’re no longer a member of your community, or a citizen of the world. Keep at least one ear out for what’s going on outside of the World Wide Wedisphere.

2) building on 1, not everybody wants to hear the latest developments in your wedding centerpiece development. It’s handy to be conversant in what the rest of the world’s been up to.

3) and building on 2, your friends and family will be so grateful that there are non wedding thoughts in your head. Try bringing up other topics of conversation- watch the relief spread across the dinner table.

Live well, and love well.