Newsflash: We Love Weddings.

Did you know? We love weddings.  We love gorgeous bouquets, place cards, people in love, vows, diamond rings, aisle runners, wedding dresses, ballrooms, tears of joy in everyone’s eyes, dance floor monograms, fake lashes, scrumptious wedding cake, country clubs, ring bearers, tuxedos, poetry, sunsets, centerpieces, proud parents, something borrowed, hors d’oeuvres, parasols, table linens, boutonnieres, hotels, ring pillows, and of course, brides and grooms.

We love weddings. If you need us, we’ll be here in the Design District making all of our couples’ weddings meaningful, and beautiful.

Be well, and love well.


The City of Palm Springs: inspiring hearts and minds! And tablescapes!

As if you didn’t know, we love Palm Springs.  We’re thrilled to live here and do business in the community with our wonderful customer base that is always growing. We were honored the other night to be asked to decorate a table at the Renaissance Esmeralda for an event that benefitted the March of Dimes.  The request came from none other than our fair city, Palm Springs.  All the area cities had tables, and we were excited to be tapped to create the one that represented our hometown, and the center of the My Little Flower Shop universe. We chose a bright, cheerful red jacquard linen, and set it off with one of our signature Manzanita tree scupltural centerpieces hung with three lush spheres of scarlet roses and Swarovski crystal drops.  To pull in that Palm Springs “je ne sais quois,” and keep things fresh, we placed a boldly patterned pillow in each chair.  The outcome? a beautiful table that’s not afraid to get it’s party on!  Martini anyone?

A "Palm Springs" inspired table