Why ProFlowers Is Embarrassing Me. (Hint: It’s Not The Terrible Arrangement In The Watering Can)

Don’t get me wrong.The pseudo-english-garden-in-a-pink-watering-can is pretty bad. But no, Proflowers.Com is making floral professionals mad by sponsoring Rush Limbaugh’s radio show despite the hideous garbage he’s been spewing. Floral Professionals cannot be lumped into one political group.  We can, however generally be united under the banner of “flowers and floral designers’ job is to make people happy.” We’re a pro-happiness bunch.

Our job as floral designers is to enhance life. To make it more beautiful, more meaningful and more fragrant. Not to spread ugliness and negativity. Come on ProFlowers, get with the ProGram.  Be pro-flowers, pro-love, pro-happiness.

How could this make you anything but happy?










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