Sugar and Spice for Favors is Nice!

Favors- there are so many to choose from these days it can make your head spin. One thing we can say for sure: no one wants another little teeny picture frame. We’ve figured out how to mix and match them for dinner party placecards, but eight will suffice, thank you very much.

Edibles are always popular. Looking to go with something sweet? Rice krispie treats are delightfully old fashioned and inexpensive. Packaged individually in cellophane bags with pretty ribbon, they are a fun “grab” on the way out of the party.
Another sweet choice that’s easy to put together are the many options of custom designed candy bar wrappers one can order to dress up Hershey bars. Go for the full size ones- it’s a rare adult who doesn’t relish having a whole chocolate bar all to themselves.

As for spicing up your wedding night, we love what we’re reading about customized mini-Tabasco bottles.

Little bags of chile peppers are another way of sending some heat home with guests, perhaps with a family recipe attached.

And if you want to bring the heat and the sweet? Try cayenne chocolate truffles. Hello tastebuds!

Get creative with your sugar and spice!