Proms, Moms and Automobiles. No, that’s no good. Hmmmm.

The title will continue to evolve.  In any case, we’re celebrating Moms and Proms this weekend at My Little Flower Shop. (A wedding too – note to self- order more white roses). Moms across the Valley (and the country!) will fill with pride, watching their kids stepping out on the town in their prom dresses and tuxedos.  Wait, they’ll be stepping into…Automobiles!  Hey! How about that! OK, a stretch. Back to the drawing board on the title.
What did your Mom whisper to you on your way out the door?  Here’s a distillation of some advice and wisdom My Little Flower Shop staff gleaned from our wise Moms once upon a time.  Feel free to pass any and all along to your little darlings for Prom Night 2011, in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, or all across these United States.
Behave like a young lady/gentleman at dinner.  The other patrons of the restaurant aren’t paying to have dinner with a bunch of rowdy teenagers.
-Be polite to your date. You asked them/accepted the invitation for a reason. Don’t abandon them at a table and run off to be with your friends.
-Please don’t roll your eyes at Mom when she take lots of pictures. You’re going to love having them someday, so smile and have fun for the camera.
-Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, or let anyone push you too far. Carry enough cash for cab fare home, and you’ll always have an “out.”
Last but not least…
– Make memories. As Lee Ann Womack (also a Mom) put it so well:
“And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
Celebrate your prom!
Photo by Sean McGrath - Lic. by Creative Commons
We’re here for any and all corsages, boutonnieres, and prom posies you might need.  Just call. (760)778 7111 (855)500-7111 (psssst…order something for Mom too).