Mama said there’d be days like this. She also said I’d be taller.

Mothers tell us many things.  “Eat your spinach.”  “Is that what you’re wearing?” “Play something for Grandma.” They often don’t say what we want to hear, but a wise man I know in San Francisco told me the secret of talking to moms and hearing what you need regardless of what’s said.  It’s very simple.
Mothers love their children.  Even when theiy are steaming mad, there’s a current of affection running through every word, it’s just buried in there.  So every time your Mom says anything, what she means is “I love you.”
“Take a sweater, it’s chilly”  = I love you
“You never call, you never write…” = I love you
“Those pants are not flattering, why did you spend that kind of money?” = I love you.
She loves you.  Bear with her.  Goodness knows she bore with you.
Don’t forget…Sunday is Mother’s Day.
And don’t forget…those edible fruit arrangements you see on TV are really unattractive, and draw flies.
Love you Mom!  xxx
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