If Music Be The Food of Love, Play Some Once In A While!

Many of us have iPods full of music we don’t listen to often enough. What we may not realize is that music is not just the food of love, but the food of memory.

When I hear Wham! Crooning ‘Careless Whisper’ I am catapulted from a Palm Springs florist

ipod shuffle loja online leilao
let there be music!

shop to a junior high social and am flooded with memories of a guy turning up his nose when I asked him to dance. (What a jerk. Probably still is).

When I hear Taylor Swift start singing “Hey Stephen,” a warm feeling comes over me as I remember the delicious early days when I just realized my then boyfriend (now husband) was the best thing since flexible cutting boards.

When I hear One Direction harmonize on “you don’t know you’re beautiful,” I am reminded of a promo I saw onĀ  TLC for Randy To The Rescue using that song, and that I need to keep an eye out this summer for my hairstylist Paul Norton who is all over reality TV!

You get the picture. Your life’s major as well as not-quite-so-epic moments play out to a soundtrack. Get on iTunes, and bring back some memories of your own. Who knows where your recollections will take you!

Be well, and love well.