Horror Stories Are For Halloween! Not The Bride!

Did you hear about the bride whose dress was burned in a fire the night before her wedding? Did you hear about the groom who locked himself in the hotel bathroom and missed the whole reception? As a florist in an ideal destination wedding location like Palm Springs, I understand why people are compelled to share bridal nightmare tales with wedding vendors. They know we’ve dealt with our fair share, and in their own way, they are showing  respect for the sometimes challenging, but always rewarding, work that we do.  But for goodness sake people, please stop scaring the brides!  Lord knows they’re a skittish bunch, so don’t follow up “Congratulations on your engagement!” with some tale of a wedding gone horribly wrong.  It may be funny to you, but to this person diving into the difficult planning process, it’s no laughing matter.  So have a little heart.  Save the bridal calamity tales for the bridesmaids. Now THAT’s your demographic!

Nightmare's Reality
Don’t freak out the bride, please. (Photo credit: Vineet Radhakrishnan)