Friday is Advice for the Bride-Day! 3 Tips to ensure you enjoy your wedding this weekend.

We love Fridays at My Little Flower Shop! Gearing up for weekend weddings and parties gets us fired up.  Ad so we’re taking to the blog to FIRE UP this weekend’s brides and grooms with a little pep talk. Here are a few pointers as you head into the big weekend you’ve been waiting for!

  • Let it All Go. You’ve planned and plotted – and it’s finally here.  This is the moment to take a deep breath and trust yourself, your family and the people you’ve hired to bring your dream day to life.  The work is done, and what will happen will happen.  At a certain point any event takes on a life of its own, and trying to control it from the position of Bride or Groom is only going to make you crazy.

    a beautiful wedding centerpiece
    If you trust your family and your vendors, everything will turn out beautifully.
  • Laugh When Things Go “Wrong.” There’s gonna be a hitch.  It may be small, it may be huge, but it’s going to be the story you’ll tell through the years, howling with laughter at the absurdity. Why not start laughing now and save yourself a lot of heartache? Holding on to the bitterness of a wrongly ruffled cake all evening hurts no one but you and your new husband/wife.
  • Breathe Deeply, Stand Up Straight, and Enjoy Your Moment. ‘Nough said.

See you on the flip side as Mr. and Mrs!

Live well, and love well.