Should She Invite Her Ex to The Wedding? My Little Advice Shop

Q:  Should I invite my ex-boyfriend to my wedding?  I made a point of staying friends with all my exes through the years precisely so we could all “get along” at an event like this. 


advice for the bride and groom
advice for the bride and groom (Photo credit: @heylovedc)


A: Here’s the thing.  When it comes to post break-up relationships, there are two kinds of people:the Keep In Touchers  and the Never See Againers.  You are quite clearly a Keep In Toucher.  So, the question becomes.  Where does your man fall?  I have a feeling he’s on Team Never See Again, otherwise you would not be writing, you’d be putting together the perfect “singles table” of all your exes.  As a longtime player on Tean NSA, I advise that if that’s the case to let this one drop. Your man will be a hundred times happier on the big day, and that will show.  After you get settled in to married life, have a barbeque for the old crowd.  Lower the stakes over the steaks, get it?


Be well, and love well.




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