Workin’ 9 to 5 – At Something Other Than Planning Your Wedding

my own office at work :-)
Remember - do some work at work!

What do you say when someone asks you what you do for a living? I’m guessing for 99% of you it’s not, “Oh I’m independently wealthy so I spend the work-week eating bon-bons and planning my wedding.” So that means there are brides in offices, retail establishments, and government jobs all over the country, brimming with news about your latest nuptial truimph or travail.  One word of advice:


Guess what? Your co-workers are well aware you’re getting married. So is your boss. In this economy, we do not advise you to to keep reminding them that you’re really distracted by a big non-work project.  Surfing wedding websites during office hours is another way of pointing out that your focus is elsewhere for the next year or so.  And while that may be true, at least make an effort to show some enthusiasm for your work.

Take heart, little brides! One or two co-workers will want to live vicariously through you, and so inevitably dishing about flowers and dresses will occur.  But other than with Bridget in accounting, try to maintain the Separation of Work and Wedding.

Quick! Minimize the window! Here comes your manager!