Wedding Wisdom from Drag Queens

'Glamazon' RuPaul
‘Glamazon’ RuPaul (Photo credit: partymonstrrrr) Yes RuPaul has her own line of dolls!

RuPaul’s Drag Race, a popular reality show has nurtured a new batch of fierce queens full of advice. Here is some wisdom gleaned from them. As they say on the show, start your engines!

1)   If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Accentuate your favorite assets! RuPaul accents her height, and fabulous bone structure.  Flattering wedding clothes are key, and the queens on the show can testify to that! Watch this episode for some drag wedding fun, and moving moments.

2)   Lashes, lashes, lashes.  This explains itself– drag queens don’t put even a sparkly toe on stage without fake lashes on, ladies, so don’t think about going down the aisle without yours. Once you see how they “pop” your look, you’ll thank me. Or Ru. Or both.  Gentleman? When Ru appears in his male persona on the show he is always exquisitely dressed.  Take note.

3)   Think outside the store where you got the box!  Fashionistas didn’t pull the Carrie Bradshaw “bird on her head” wedding look out of nowhere. Innovation comes from the fringe (read: outsider artists, drag queens, and assorted other creative people) and morphs into couture.  Trust me – club kids had birds on her head long before Sex and The City was a thing.

4)   Be a Glamazon. It’s all in the attitude – positive and projecting you’re the hottest thing since sliced bread. When drag queens hit a stage or a runway, they’ve got a power and a confidence that to-be-weds would do well do take a dollop of to add to their “simple and elegant” mantra.  Elegant is good, but Fabulous is great.

Work that reception like a star, people! (Turn to the left! Work! Turn to the Right!)

Sashay Chanté…

Be well, and love well.


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