Tossing the Bouquet Toss – All The Single Ladies Will Thank You.

It’s an iconic image – the bride leaving the reception and tossing a bouquet into a cheering crowd of happy single gals.  In real life, when the DJ fires up the Beyoncé song and calls out all qualified bouquet catchers frequently, women of a certain age or mindset disappear into the woodwork.  Or the ladies room.  When I was on bridesmaid duty, I always found that was a perfect time to go sprinkle rose petals in the bridal suite.

An inspired bouquet. Let us inspire you!

So, how do you incorporate this tradition without setting your single friends’ teeth on edge? Here’s my favorite spin.  Instead of throwing your flowers at someone, which is a little hostile when you think about it, GIVE them away to a lady (or gentleman – we don’t judge) you love and wish to honor.  Grandma, Man of Honor,  childhood best friend,  you pick.

I’m betting there’s someone attending your wedding who’d be thrilled to pieces to be presented with a special posy.  And I can tell you from personal experience, there are girls who will be thrilled with the peace of not having their marital status paraded around the dance floor.

Love to all the Single Ladies!  And Love to that handsome fella who made me a Mrs!


Dinah, her GORGEOUS bouquet and her even MORE GORGEOUS husband.