Holy Matrimony, Batman, It’s Superhero Weddings!

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Superheros are people too. And we’re all about equality at My Little Flower Shop, so we’re sharing this wonderful collage of superhero wedding moments from our wonderful pals at Wedinator (a wedding humor site brought to you by the brilliant creators of the I Can Has Cheezburger cat phenomenon).

Top 5 observations:

1) Lois Lane is a total mash-up of Jacquie Kennedy and Cinderella

2) Aquaman had the most adventurous event designer – a pink platform and a giant shell-style backdrop make quite a dramatic statement.

3) Rays of light, torrential winds and/or the ability to fly make for terrific wedding pictures

4) Even with a doily on your head, Flash Gordon will still come to your rescue.

5) Although I’m not on board with Wonder Woman’s outfit, an invisible plane makes for one heck of a grand entrance!

In other comic book society news, we’re totally impressed that the Archie comics’ gay character will be marrying his partner in an upcoming issue. Congratulations to them both – and their creators.