My Little Groom Shop…This one’s for the boys: curing Peter Pan syndrome – Part Deux
He wants to rock-n-roll all night

A recent post featuring a Lego-bedecked boutonniere has garnered many hits, so we thought we’d highlight Fritts Rosenow, a great source of super-adorable, mega creative boutonnieres¬† indulging the little boy inside that dreamy manly-man of yours.

These pics only open the door – they’ll do custom work for that one-of-a kind man.¬† And he’ll light up like Christmas morning – part because they’re awesome, and part because you love him enough to indulge his inner kid/rock star/ gambler/ sailor…you catch our drift.

To all getting married or celebrating this weekend…L’chaim! (To life)!
Game on! For the hockey fan at the altar


Target: your heart. Bullseye!