Size Does Matter. (oh go on. Get your mind out of the gutter).

A bride and groom on a staircase of the West Q...
Capturing the Big moment!

Does size matter? We have big cars, big houses and in New Jersey’s case, bless their hearts, big hair. So, why did we call our business My Little Flower Shop? After all, our events are no small affairs.

Long ago in a land far, far away (ok- so it was the Beverly Hills Hotel) I, Dinah, worked a very fancy wedding with a  Big High Profile Event Planner. Every day ran according to a detailed timeline. The morning of the wedding, something caught my eye. ” 4:30 (Big Event Planner’s name here) Hair/Make-Up.”

Double checking, I confirmed with her assistant that the Big Event Planner was indeed being professionally beautified that afternoon.  This brides’s family was paying more than the state budget of Idaho to carpet the ballroom white, bring in full size trees and who knows what else, and this woman is getting her hair done at crunch time? Really?
The lesson here is that she thought herself Important and Big. We, on the other hand, know we have an important role to play in a brides’s BIG day. It’s the day that’s BIG. It’s our bride’s BIG moment. And that’s why we are My Little Flower Shop.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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