Ready, Set, G…wait a minute. Who said anything about ready?

“Are you ready?” Brides and event planners alike field this question as the wedding day approaches. What does that mean, ready? For the bridal magazines ready means every last detail settled. Bows tied, programs printed, Every I dotted, each t crossed.

One night, working a movie premiere party everything went wrong during set up, but we were finally back above water. Good thing too, as guest arrival was within the half hour.
I looked at my co worker, a more seasoned planner than I, by about 20 years, both of us still in our sweaty work clothes. “Are we ready? I asked. “ready?” he smiled, “we don’t open the doors because we’re ready. We open the doors because it’s the time they printed on the invitation.”

What do they call you if your ceremony's not perfect? Blissfully, happily, married.

There is no perfect.  There is no ready.  Let go of the oversized expectations, and pick up a champagne flute.  Always be ready for champagne.