Our number one wedding tip: Don’t miss it!

Wedding planning is stressful. Managing that stress is the key to enjoying the process, and not letting it drive you crazy. For our number one, top-of-the-heap, best ever wedding planning advice, read on!

There is a saying we repeat that applies to almost any wedding crisis moment – large or small.  You may have read it here before, but good wedding planning advice bears repeating:

Breathe, stand up straight and enjoy your moment. 

photo by Troy Grover Photographers.

Whether it’s on your way in to negotiate with the caterer, or before you walk down the aisle, these three steps will help you get through just about anything more calmly and elegantly.  And, the beauty part? You’ll actually remember the experience rather than lose it in a blur of wedding memories.  As you plan, savor being engaged, the time passes very quickly.  And don’t forget about the amazing person you’ve decided to spend your life with, they need attention and love.

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Be well, love well and breathe!



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