No time to get to the spa? No problem. DIY it in your home bathroom.

Spas are wonderful, and there’s nothing more luxurious than being pampered for an afternoon at a lovely spa, especially as you prep for your wedding.  But who has an afternoon these days?  And if you did, would you spend it lying around with cucumbers on your eyes? No, you’d be catching up with sixteen different things you were meant to do yesterday.  So what’s to be done? Create your own spa in your bathroom at home.

If you look around at a spa with a critical eye, you’ll see that that mood is set by many things that you can recreate at home. The three most important, conveniently, are the three least expensive.

  • Lighting  There’s always a soft glow in a spa, making everything feel relaxing. You can’t work in dim light, right? You have to surrender to being peaceful.  At home, you can put your bathroom lights on a dimmer.  When it’s bathtime for the kids, you’ve got all the light you need. But when it’s time for your little getaway, you can dial it down.

    This too, could be a  spa!
    This too, could be a spa!
  • Scent Oh, the smell of a spa. Sometimes it’s floral, sometimes beachy, but always takes you somewhere other than everyday life.  One of the parts about spa-ing it up at home that’s better than your local day spa is that you can customize the scent. It can be exactly you.  Use a diffuser, candles or even your favorite perfume on strategically placed cotton balls (I swear it works) and your bathroom smells like a personally customized dreamland.
  • Sound Music sets the tone of any situation, and again, here you can customize.  If Enya irritates you, hearing her ghostly echoes kind of harshes your mellow at the spa, am I right? At home, you can customize your playlist, including only what you love.  Mozart, Marvin Gaye, whatever soothes you.

So now you’ve got a low-lit, sweet-smelling bathroom, with an awesome soundtrack. Get in there and start relaxing!

Be well, and love well.


Bonus: Check out this awesome recipe for citrus infused spa-water!