My Little Etiquette Shop: Keeping Showers Clean (Great Aunt Estelle can explore body frosting on her own time).

Oh we’ve all been there – the very decorous, ladylike bridal shower with sweet games, and tea sandwiches given with love by an aunt.  And we’ve all been there when the mortified guest of honor opened the one “off-color” gift that makes her turn beet red.  Whether it’s fur lined handcuffs, edible underwear, or the aforementioned (and disgusting-but ever popular) body frosting, our poor bride is stuck in front of an audience, often including her future mother in law, holding some accessory to her intimate life, which certainly until now has not been dinner conversation among the family.

So this is a very simple “My Little Etiquette Shop.”  I’m not even bothering with a question- just putting the advice out there for all shower goers to read and pass along to generations to come.  Leave the hijinks for the bachelorette party.  Really.  You might think it’s funny to shake things up a little at your friend’s afternoon tea. Think about doing it, laugh to yourself, and then go buy some towels off her registry.

Yes, it’s the High Road.  Look for the exits.  Then take one.

Ok, this is in my top 10

photo by Deborah Austin